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          Happy New Year! May the Fish be with You!

          SwissTropicals is the HOME OF SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT FILTRATION SYSTEMS based on the Poret? and Jetlifter? brands of products. We are the North American distributor for wholesale* and retail of these products. We offer a wide selection and we filter anything. Check out our filtration solutions or?contact us?if you have custom requirements!

          *Please note: ?Wholesale accounts are offered exclusively to businesses with store fronts or OEM. If you wish to open a wholesale account, we require proof in the form of business license, store front address, and tax ID.


          While we specialize in filtration, we also offer a high quality selection of?superb fish foods and other equipment. We only carry products we use in our own hatchery.

          You can always make more money but you can never make more time.

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